Update: Foot # Six is a hoax, but the explanation still stands for the rest. – MORE severed feet have been found washed up on a beach in British Columbia. These are the the fifth and sixth human feet to wash up on a Vancouver beach in the past year. The 5th foot, however, is a LEFT foot, while the other four (including the 6th foot) have all been right feet.

BBC News reports that all the feet were wearing running shoes and they had all been in the water for some time. There is no evidence that the feet were deliberately cut off. Local police think the feet may have come from a plane crash in the area in over 3 years ago. Four men who were on that plane are still missing. The running shoes they were wearing may have been what kept their feet afloat.

In the London Times, James Bone quotes oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer as saying, “Running shoes mostly float, but half of all bodies float naturally. The specific gravity of humans is about equal to water. You talk to your friends: some know if they are sinkers; others known they are floaters. Heads float too, so you would expect to find other remains. It’s obviously very puzzling.” But according to BBC News, it’s not unusual for body parts to become separated after they have been in the water for a long time.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

If we knew what happened to these folks in the past, we could figure out how many more feet are going to wash ashore in the future. When it comes to the past?the DEEP past?Dreamland host William Henry is an EXPERT! Come meet him (and our other Dreamland hosts) IN PERSON at our wonderful, intimate Dreamland Festival!

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