Here’s a new reason to quit: You’re killing your pets. We’vereported here before that secondhand smoke cangive your catcancer. Now we’ve learned that a couple decided to stopsmoking because it was killing their parrot.

Kevin Bartley and Sharon Wood quit smoking after theirparrot Jay Jay had to be put on a machine to help himbreathe. They only had him three days before he became ill.Kevin says, “For the first few days he was perky. Then hegot all wheezy and coughy and then he got really laboredbreathing. I thought he was actually going to die, he wasthat bad.”

Jay Jay’s vet Glen Cousquer says, “I see chronic respiratoryproblems in cats and dogs and it is especially bad for birdsbecause of their airways. They are adapted for life at thetop of trees and none of that is reproduced in the home.”

Kevin says, “I was thinking if I’m doing that to the animalswhat am I doing to the family.” As for Jay Jay, “He’s quitechirpy now.”

Do our pets havepastlives too?

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