Scientist now say we are definitely not alone, that our universe contains an infinite number of other universes, much like our own, called O-regions, and that we may someday be able to contact them.

Jaume Garriga, of the University of Barcelona and Alexander Vilenkin, of Tufts University, say that their ?many worlds in one? concept means that these other worlds are likely to be similar to our own, with similar life forms. They will publish their hypothesis this fall in the journal Gravitation and Quantum Cosmology.

Alan Guth, of MIT, doesn?t think this idea is too far out to be true. ?Do I think these ideas are viable? Definitely yes. In fact, I very much admire the precision with which the ideas are expressed.? The idea that an infinite number of universes exist is ?a pretty mind-boggling conclusion,? says Guth.

It gives rise to some interesting, and troubling, implications. Says Vilenkin, ?Whenever a thought crosses your mind that a terrible calamity might have happened, you can be assured that it has happened in some of the other O-regions.? Furthermore, since some O-regions have histories nearly identical to our own, ?if you nearly escaped an accident here, then you were not so lucky in some of the O-regions with the same prior history.

?Distant copies of ourselves play all sorts of different roles? in these other universes, Vilenkin says. In fact, ?there are infinitely many O-regions where Al Gore is president and?yes?Elvis Presley is still alive.?

Guth is the author of the formula of ever-expanding universes. As the visible universe expands, it gives birth to new universes. Since inflation is eternal, the creation of new worlds is also eternal and ?in an eternally inflating universe, anything that can happen, will happen,? he says. ?In fact, it will happen an infinite number of times.

?We already know that our planet is merely a tiny speck in a vast cosmos, but now we are being told that we do not even hold a unique copyright on our own identities. Instead, each of us is actually only a single copy of an infinite number of beings that are completely identical to ourselves.?

In the 1998 conversation with the man Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key, there was an exchange between Strieber and the Master that eerily foreshadows this discovery:

The Master said:The energetic world is much larger, vastly more ancient and more complex than the elemental one. It teems with beings, many of them immeasurably conscious and invested across the whole sweep of time and beyond time. It is enormous beyond measure, stretching across all time and all space, including not only this universe but many other universes.

Question: You mean galaxies?Answer: There are more galaxies in your universe than there are stars in your galaxy, and more universes in the firmament than there are galaxies in your universe. There will come a day when mankind will learn how to detect universes beyond. But most are so far away that their light has not yet reached your universe, since the day of its inception.

Question: Why are universes created?Answer: Being serves joy.

(Exchange from the Key, p. 67)

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