Physicists at the Cern particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland, have mass produced antimatter, which may solve one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe. Antimatter is the mirror image of ordinary matter and both should have been created in equal amounts at the birth of the Universe. Scientists don’t understand where all the antimatter is?since the matter around us is mostly made up of ordinary matter.

The antimatter is short-lived, since it’s destroyed when it collides with normal matter. When this happens, both turn into bursts of radiation, and scientists believe this process was crucial to the creation of the earliest stages of the Universe billions of years ago.

Any thoughts of using antimatter to power a starship or create a weapon is still far in the future, because making antiprotons requires 10 billion times more energy than it produces. The antimatter produced each year at Cern could only power a 100 watt light bulb for 15 minutes.

In another breakthrough, scientists have been able to transmit electric signals at four times the speed of light, using basic equipment that can be found in any college science department. Scientists have sent light at faster-than-light speeds over a few feet for the last two decades, but it takes complicated, expensive equipment. Now physicists at Middle Tennessee State University have broken that speed limit using equipment costing $500.

“It really is basement science,” says Bill Robertson. The apparatus is so simple that he once assembled it from scratch in 40 minutes. While the peak of the electrical pulse moves faster than light speed, the total energy of the pulse doesn?t, so it doesn’t violate Einstein’s theory of relativity. This means we do not yet have a method for time travel or faster-than-light space travel.

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