The prestigious British scientific journal The New Scientist reports that scientists are beginning to turn up strange physical measurements from ‘hauntings’ as well as intriguing if not entirely convincing photographic evidence. Unusual magnetic fields and areas of extreme cold in otherwise warm rooms are among the findings that have been documented. Skeptics claim that the magnetic field anomalies trigger hallucinations that result in ghost reports, but this does not explain the growing body of photographic evidence. The issue of whether or not the energies are conscious remains open, and in some cases their behaviors are strange. “Even among open-minded sceptics who hanker for rational, verifiable explanations, some experiences have left them puzzled,” the New Scientist reports. Video footage, for example, of an infant apparently talking to a female specter remains unexplained, along with footage of one of the child’s toys ‘spontaneously playing.’

It should be recalled that the detection of energies and the explanation of why they are present are two different issues. The possibility that some sort of ‘conscious’ energy– or energy being used by an unseen consciousness– might have been detected remains open.

Some of the research in this area was funded by the Mind- Science Foundation of San Antonio, Texas.

Advances in the portability of detection equipment has led to the findings. To view images collected by ghost hunters visit Advice for assembling equipment can be found at The New Scientist is at The article appeared in the December 19/26, 1998 issue, which appeared 2 January, 1999.

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