Dr. Gary Schwartz, who trained at Harvard University and is the author of ?The Afterlife Experiments,? has done experiments proving that dead people can communicate with the living?and vice-versa. “Human beings are like stars,” he says. “We are constantly emitting invisible and visible photons of light. Those photons go into space and are as consistent as distant stars.?

On the March 9 Dreamland show, Schwartz described studies that he says prove that some mediums aren?t faking?they really do receive information from the dead. He thinks most scientists are too close-minded to consider the evidence that there is life after death. Before he started experimenting with mediums, he was a skeptic as well. “I was raised to believe ‘ashes to ashes dust to dust,’? he says, ?and it has taken a lot of data to convince me otherwise.”

Schwartz says communication from the dead can be explained by the idea that human energy and information continues. Energy is constantly interacting with other energy and these constant interactions create changes that persist throughout time.

Paul Halpern, a physicist at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, agrees that energy is neither created nor destroyed but is converted from one form to another. It’s also true that all people emit photons, but most of them are absorbed by the air before they reach space. And even if they could reach us, he says, ?These photons would not carry much information about us at all, except perhaps our temperature.”

People who have had contact with deceased loved ones are happy that at least one scientist is studying life after death, rather than simply dismissing the possibility, because their own experiences are so overwhelmingly real.

For instance, Andrew Cary, who lost his friend Greg Rodriguez in the World Trade Center attacks, talks about how the night before the funeral, he was drinking toasts to Rodriguez with some of his other friends and the local bar where they used to all hang out. Another friend, Dave Hackenburg, got a call on his cellphone. The phone?s caller ID screen read ?Greg,? followed by Rodriguez? phone number. When they called the number back, they reached Rodriquez? sister, who was staying at her brother?s place and said no one had used his phone. Was this a message from the dead?

Gary Schwartz doesn?t take this kind of anecdote at face value?he puts mediums through rigorous tests and makes them prove their powers. Read about how he does it in ?The Afterlife Experiments?,click here.

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