We recently wrote about a wave of cat mutilations in Salt Lake City. Now Jason Felch writes in The Denver Post that mutilated cats are being found almost every day in Denver. Some of them have even been mutilated before they’ve been killed. Police see a link between the Denver and Salt Lake City mutilations.

“The Utah and Colorado cases are on almost exactly the same time schedule,” says Temma Martin, of the Salt Lake County Animal Services. “Somehow they seem to be linked. The timing is similar; the injuries are similar.”

The cats are abducted after their owners put them out for the night. They’re returned to their homes in a mutilated state in the morning. “It’s a serial killing,” says Carol DeYoung, whose cat was beheaded. “These killers, these sadists, turn into adults who are serial killers. It needs to be addressed more thoroughly than they’ve done it.”

Sometimes the mutilated bodies are placed in “poses” on the lawn or by the front door. “That’s as disturbing as the mutilation,” says Christy Hughes, owner of a mutilated cat. “I think evil is word for it. Not sick. Evil.”

When it comes to animal mutilations, our science reporter Linda Moulton Howe is still the expert.

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