Sugar can make you stupid and margarine makes you aggressive and salt gives you high blood pressure, right? Wrong.

Nutritionists used to tell us that salt would raise our blood pressure, cause hypertension and increase the risk of premature death, but that argument has always been controversial and difficult to defend.

In the June 3rd edition of the New York Times, Gary Taubes quotes researcher Drummond Rennie as saying that the eat-less-salt message had "made a commitment to salt education that goes way beyond the scientific facts."

Now scientists have discovered that the OPPOSITE is true: A recent study revealed that people eating salt at the lower limit of normal are MORE likely to have heart disease than those eating smack in the middle of the normal range.

Taubes writes: "A 1972 paper in The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the less salt people ate, the higher their levels of a substance secreted by the kidneys, called renin, which set off a physiological cascade of events that seemed to end with an increased risk of heart disease. In this scenario: eat less salt, secrete more renin, get heart disease, die prematurely."

Wow! Next, we’ll learn that eating eggs is OK (Oh, if you read this website, you already know that!)

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