Tanzania is trying to stop the sale of human skin. At an international business fair there, visitors will see a gruesome exhibit of human body parts in the government’s effort to discourage the underground trade in human skin. And nuns have discovered a trafficking network in children’s sex organs in Mozambique.

The skin and sex organs are used in shamanic ceremonies. Tanzanian forensic scientist Gloria Machube says, “People are skinned and the skin is used for their rituals. But fortunately they are caught by the police.”

In 2001, police arrested 13 members of a skin-smuggling ring and charged them with murder. The price of the human skins range from $2,400 to $9,600, depending on the age of the victim.

Four Catholic nuns have received death threats after exposing traffic in children’s sex organs in Mozambique, which are used to make magic charms. The nuns discovered the operation after there were several attempts to abduct children from their orphanage in Nampula.

“We have received some very clear threats,” says Sister Juliana. “Several countries are involved in this iniquitous game and the victims are the poor, those who have no voice or defense, or the strength to defend themselves. We are convinced that Nampula is part of an international ring.”

Some pretty awful things go on in this world. Whitley Strieber gives vent to his outrage and disappointment about sexual predators invading the priesthood of his beloved Catholic Church in a brilliant and devastating story, “Father Bob and Bobby,” published for the first time in Borderlands 5.

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