The French newspaper L?Express reports that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may be stepping down soon in favor of his younger son Qusai. Saddam has 2 sons, Qusai and Uday, and it has long been assumed that Qusai will succeed his father, since he already controls Iraq’s armed forces.

For Saddam, putting Qusai in control makes sense, because it may make it more difficult for the rest of the world to continue to agree to the U.S. economic embargo of Iraq. Saddam may feel that he is personally the target of U.S. government hatred and that his son may give the country a fresh start in the eyes of the world.

He may also be worried about the news that Bush has asked the CIA to get rid of him, by killing him if necessary, in ?self defense.? We?ve done away with dictators before. The CIA tried to slip poison into Castro?s food in 1961. Patrice Lumumba of the Congo was killed with the backing of the agency in 1960.

Bush added the words ?self defense? to his CIA request for a good reason: Since the 1970s, the CIA has been prohibited from directly seeking the assassination of a foreign leader. This occurred after the attempts on Castro?s life were first revealed to the Senate intelligence committee, then chaired by Senator Frank Church, in 1976. This led President Gerald Ford to issue an executive order banning assassinations by all U.S. agencies, and subsequent presidents have all renewed the ban. However, an executive order doesn?t have the same force as a law passed by Congress.

Saddam has always laughed in the face of U.S. threats, probably because we didn?t take him out when we had a chance during the Gulf War. Now he seems to be getting nervous, so he must think the latest threats against him are real.

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