In his book ?Liquidation of the UFO,? published this year in Russia, Pavel Poluyan says that UFOs aren?t from outer space, but are secret U.S. aircraft first made in the 1940s and used to spy on the Soviets.

In a Russian TV documentary titled ?UFO: Life Behind Barbed Wire,? Russian military officers revealed that the U.S. used ?flying saucers? to spy on the USSR. Poluyan says George Bush senior made the decision to classify UFO documents while he was director of the FBI.

Poluyan says, ?Fifty-five years ago, on June 1947, the so-called Roswell incident took place in the U.S.?a ?flying saucer? crashed. The U.S. military stated a secret balloon had fallen, while journalists put forward the UFO version, because, at that time, in the U.S., ?flying saucers? were often observed. Therefore, since that time, the myth of extraterrestrials has been alive.

?Unfortunately, the truth is more prosaic: in the 1940s, the U.S. actively tested secret flying devices that often crashed. And it is obvious that these were tests, because different devices with different types of engines were seen.?

Poluyan feels that no exotic theories are needed to explain how UFOs fly. He believes it?s the umbrella, or parachute, effect. The UFOs are buoyed them up by the air, which causes them to drift in the sky. This is helped by the classic saucer shape, which is flat below and curved on top. He says, ?These ?flying saucers? can fly without anti-gravitation; they simply lean against the air.?

Poluyan says that since the information about UFOs being created by the U.S. military is classified, ?Many specialists from different spheres know about it, though they prefer to keep silent. However, it is very important to tell people about it: they should not be afraid of UFOs?It?s clear why the extraterrestrial myth appeared. In some degree, the U.S. military could have been justified. A top secret plan was necessary to protect the new creations from Soviet spies.

?According to some information, the initial design of such flying devices was stolen by the Americans from captive German engineers. British pilots saw small UFOs over German territory, which seemed to fly towards the attacking bombers. Later, the myth was spread, so it lost its mystery. Nobody wanted to be responsible for misinformation. Soviet engineers in their turn understood that the ?flying saucers? existed, so it was by then a common military secret.?

Poluyan?s military spying scenario sounds like stale Cold War propaganda. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, such as why UFOs are still flying over the U.S. (and the rest of the world) today. They can?t be spying?we now have satellites that can read license plates from space. And how are they capable of doing the complex maneuvers that U.S. military pilots say our own planes can?t do? During communism, the former Soviet Union took the subject of UFOs seriously and did scientific research on them.

Now that Russia has switched to capitalism, is it spreading disinformation about UFOs, the same way the U.S. does? Maybe capitalists want us to keep our eyes off the sky so we?ll focus our attention on all the goodies and gadgets they want us to buy down here on Earth.

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