In the U.S., many of us feel that business interests have taken over government policy. We’re not alone: the French may be vetoing the war against Iraq because they’ve been doing business illegally with Saddam. Now it’s been revealed that Russia, which is also against the war, will sell enriched uranium, which can be used to make nuclear weapons, to Iran. Iran says it will use the uranium in nuclear power plants, despite the fact that it has plenty of oil and doesn’t need nuclear power.

The Iranians have a Russian-built reactor near the southwestern Gulf port Bushehr which is scheduled to start up in 2004. “The fuel for Bushehr has been packed and 90 tons of fuel is ready to be shipped. The fuel will be shipped to the site in May 2003,” says Asadollah Sabouri, of the Iranian atomic energy organization. Iran has announced plans to build other nuclear facilities as well.

“It’s hard to get a view into exactly what their motivations are, but very clearly they are pursuing nuclear weapons,” says U.S. National Security spokesman Sean McCormack.

Even the U.K. is selling nuclear material to Iran. The Dept. of Trade and Industry allowed the sale of the metal Beryllium, which is used to make nuclear bombs, despite the fact that Britain has signed an international agreement which bans the sale of Beryllium to certain countries, including Iran. Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi says, “We have nothing to hide, everything is transparent. The Americans are just looking for pretexts.”

If nations keep selling nukes and military equipment to these countries, we?d better be prepared.

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