Russia sees NASA’s race for the moon as having a “distinctly Cold War feel,” according to the British newspaper the Telegraph.

Adrian Blomfield reports that the Russian space agency has accused NASA of “rejecting a proposal for joint lunar exploration.” Does this mean we hope to claim ownership of the moon, along with all its incredibly valuable Helium 3 fuel, by planting another American flag there before anyone else can get there?

Blomfield quotes Russian Space Agency head Anatoly Perminov as saying, “We are ready to cooperate but for some reason the United States has announced that it will carry out the program itself [despite the fact that] the United States is short of experts to implement the program.”

He quotes Russian researcher Erik Galimov as saying that NASA?s goal of setting up a colony on the moon by 2024 would “enable the US to establish its control of the energy market 20 years from now and put the rest of the world on its knees as hydrocarbons run out.”

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