For those of us who have just finished off the turkey, it’s god to know that environmentalists want to make sure we use EVERY PART of the poultry we eat. Clothes may eventually be made out of chicken feathers. Now it turns out that egg shells may help to power hydrogen-fueled cars.

In, Dave Mosher reports that in the future, leftover eggshells could provide fuel to start hydrogen cars, since they can be ground up and used to filter out carbon dioxide, a by-product of hydrogen production.

Mosher quotes engineer L.S. Fan as saying, “The key to making pure hydrogen is separating out the carbon dioxide.”

Calcium carbonate is the main component in eggshells (and also in antacid tablets!) Fran says that it’s the most effective carbon dioxide absorber ever tested. Will we soon be saving our breakfast shells? We ate 91 billion eggs in 2006. Fan says, “Eggshell alone may not be adequate to produce hydrogen for the whole country, but at least we can use eggshell in a better way compared to dumping it as organic waste in landfills.”

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