Sometimes science is amazing: A large piece of space trash in the form of a runaway communications satellite is changing Earth’s orbit and interfering with signals coming from other satellites, such as the ones that power your cable TV and cell phone.

Galaxy 15 lost contact with the Earth after a solar flare fried some of its apparatus. But while it’s no longer functioning, it continues to orbit the earth, although it has moved out of the orbit that was designed for it and is currently orbiting Earth in another path. Since it has lost communication with the Earth, it can no longer be reprogrammed. While there is no chance it will collide with another satellite, its new path DOES interfere with that of a satellite that transmits TV signals to the country of Luxembourg. Yahoo News quotes the “Boing boing” blog as saying, “Galaxy 15 was one of the satellites that carried the Syfy channel’s signal. And now it’s met an end good enough to be its own Syfy show.” At least we won’t have to shoot it down.

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