Australian scientists have discovered that vegetablesplanted in rock dust grow to an extraordinary size. Thedust, a byproduct obtained from rock quarries, rejuvenatestired soil. By mixing the rock dust with compost,researchers have been able to produce football-sizedcabbages, coconut-sized onions, and plum-sized strawberries.Best of all, the rock dust absorbs the CO2 that is emittedfrom car exhausts. Moira Thomson says we could “cover theEarth with rock dust” and solve many of our environmentalproblems.

Paul Kelbie writes in the Independent that Moira and CameronThomson spread rock dust on 6 acres of land where erosionwas so severe that nothing had grown there for 50 years. Thedust mimics the natural glacial cycles of the Earth, whichfertilize the ground with minerals, eliminating the need forartificial fertilizer. Since the last ice age 3 millionyears ago, there have been 25 glaciations, each of whichlasted about 90,000 years. Right now we’re in a periodbetween ice ages, which is why we need to spread fertilizeron agricultural land. But rock dust does the job even betterby putting essential minerals back into the Earth.

How does this fight climate change? The calcium andmagnesium in the dust converts the carbon in the air fromgreenhouse gases into carbonates. Also, plants grown in rockdust need much less water. NASA is so impressed with theidea that they plan to use it rock dust to grow crops onother planets.

Rock dust could also eliminate the need to take a dailymultivitamin pill. One reason we’re urged to take vitaminsis because plants no longer contain sufficient vitamins andminerals, and the main reason for this is the poor qualityof the soil they’re grown in.

Nobody used rocks like theEgyptians,who were able to carve them into building blocks for theirgigantic pyramids. According to William Henry, the pyramidswere also “resurrection “machines,” and the secrets ofinterstellar travel are revealed by the “wormhole dance,”which can be seen in the DVD that comes with thisextraordinary book!

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