Hurricane Rita has become a Category 5 storm while stillwell out to sea. At present the storm carries 165 MPH winds.Unless it deflects over the Yucatan peninsula, it is likelyto slam into the US Gulf Coast as one of the most powerfulhurricanes ever recorded.

A diminishing possiblity is that the storm will becomestationary or extremely slow, and that its energy willdissipate somewhat before it strikes land. It is much morelikely, however, that it will continue to gain strength,becoming both larger and more powerful as it approaches theTexas coast.

Mass evacuations are under way in Texas, and GalvestonIsland is rapidly becoming a ghost town. Galveston isprotected by a somewhat well maintained 17 foot sea wall,but thewall may not stand up to a Category 5 storm.

Commentary from Whitley Strieber: “As the oceans andatmosphere continue to warm due to global warming and associated effects, storms worldwide will get more and more severe. This is only the beginning. Human input into global warming can be controlled. The only thing preventing this is a total lack of political leadership. To understand how individuals can easily but dramatically reduce their own personal greenhouse gas emissions, please go to ourQuickwatch page and scroll down. The fact that political leadersworldwide have not been advocating these and other measures for years, amounts to a crime against humanity, especially among those who continue to pretend that there is some sort of ‘debate’ about this, and work against thescientific community’s efforts to understand it.”

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