Litter is becoming an international problem. A Brazilianphotographer looks for trash that has washed up on the beachnear his home. When he identifies what country it came from,he returns it to that country?s embassy in Brazil.

Fabio Barreto, who runs Global Garbage, has collected trashfrom 69 different countries on Bahia’ Costa dos Coqueirosbeach. He catalogues each piece before sending it to theembassies.

Trash is also becoming an intergalactic problem, as theInternational Space Station has starting dumping trash inspace, now that the shuttle is no longer available to takethe garbage back to Earth on a regular basis. In space, eventrash that would be biodegradable on Earth will probablystay around for eons?or maybe forever.

Does making money always mean doing the wrong thing? JohnDeMartini says itdoesn’t have to be that way!

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