What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you want to lose weight? Save money? You’re probably worried that–like so many of your previous resolutions–these goals will not be accomplished either. The solution? Ask yourself ‘why,’ not ‘how.’

This may not make much sense at first glance, but psychologists say that people who formulate a detailed plan to achieve a goal, such as saving money, may have a HARDER time reaching that goal. What matters more is THINKING about why you want to reach it. Researcher Julia Bayuk says, "Planning can actually make you more narrow minded. I might be so focused on this plan that when there’s other opportunities to achieve the same goal, I might not take advantage of them."

One example is losing weight, a goal that can be reached many different ways. If a dieter plans to restrict her calorie intake she might pass up the opportunity to join a friend at the gym or run with her dog. Bayuk recommends against traditional thinking about planning, and suggests that you put yourself in the right mindset and stay there instead. She suggests placing notes in strategic spots with reminders about why your resolution matters. This way you’ll be flexible and can take advantage of different opportunities to reach your goals, whenever they come up. It’s something lucky people do (Did you know that Anne Strieber had her OWN radio show, "Mysterious Powers," from 2004 to 2005? Subscribers can listen to all 19 of those shows!)

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions losing weight? Then here’s something you should know: Anne Strieber’s famous diet book "What I Learned from the Fat Years" is now available as a download! When she found her clothes were getting too tight she thought they had all shrunk, until she realized she had gained weight due to Type II diabetes, a genetic condition that manifests in late middle age and makes it easy to gain weight and hard to lose it. She not only discovered WHY some of us have this gene, but what to do about it, and after three years of diet and exercise, she managed to lose 100 pounds–and YOU can too! This isn’t an advice book written by a doctor or celebrity, it’s a diet book written by a REAL DIETER, who sympathizes with what you’re going through that has helped thousands of people to shed those unwanted pounds.

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