The crop circle pictured here appeared on June 3 at Wakerley Woods, Barrowden, Northamtonshire. Local residents had not seen it the day before its appearance, suggesting that it may not be hoaxed. Further testing will be needed before it can be identified as a certain unknown.

Researcher Geoff Stray has observed what may be some important relationships between this circle and the Mayan calendar. The Mayans had a calendar that included some ‘long count’ cycles, one of which has been of great interest recently because it ends in December, 2012.

The end of this cycle, known as the 13-Baktun Cycle, was predicted to involve profound changes and upheavals, including a complete revision of the whole nature of mankind.

The cycle is measured beginning with 18 Uinals, or 20 day periods. 18 Uinals make up 1 Tun, 20 Tuns = 1 Katun, 20 Katuns = 1 Baktun and 13 Baktuns = 1 Great Cycle.

The key number pointing to the Great Cycle, using the Mayan means of reckoning time, is 18 Uinals. The Wakerly Woods circle has 18 central symbols divided into 9 segments. Its appearance is similar to that of the Aztec ‘Sun Stone’ discovered in Mexico in 1790. However, the sun stone has not been believed to count the Great Cycle, but only other, shorter, cycles.

Now Mr. Stray believes that he has determined a means of counting the Great Cycle using the Sun Stone, and that this method coincides exactly with the structure of the Wakerly Woods circle and the numbers found in it.

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