Dr. Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid has announced the world’s first cloned baby and Dr. Michael A. Guillen, former science editor at ABC News, says it’s his job “to put her claim to the test.” Guillen has a doctorate in theoretical physics, mathematics and astronomy from Cornell and once taught physics to undergraduates at Harvard. He’s regularly appeared on network news shows. And he’s one of the rare scientists and reporters who doesn’t automatically debunk reports about subjects such as astrology, remote viewing, remote healing and ESP. Philip Beuth, who hired Guillen for ABC 1988, says, “He won’t pull any punches, nor can he be bought, nor can he be compromised.”

In a series on “Good Morning America” in 1997 called “Fringe or Frontier ? Science on the Edge,” Guillen said of people who believe in ESP, “these guys are not flakes.” Of astrology, he said, “I think we’re just going to have to suspend judgment.” On the possibility of moving objects with thought, “you have to take it seriously.” He says, “My goal is to report accurately and open-mindedly any interesting and credible goings-on within science, be they orthodox or iconoclastic.”

He?s even used remote viewers to check the credibility of government reports. In 1997, he asked scientists at Boston University’s Center for Remote Sensing to help figure out how many people attended Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March in Washington. They came up with an estimate of more than twice as many men as the National Park Service reported, causing them to admit they undercounted.

Clonaid says Guillen will select independent experts to determine whether a girl born to an unidentified 31-year-old American woman really is a clone of her mother. “Dr. Boisselier has invited me to put her claim to the test,” he says, ?and I have accepted on behalf of the world press on two conditions, that the invitation be given with no strings attached whatsoever and that the tests be conducted by a group of independent, world-class experts?They are going to go by the book and will be very strict and rigorous and once the results are made then I will be releasing them to you all. Nobody is paying me; this is completely independent.”

A close friend of his says, “He’s not trying to prove this woman right. He’s not trying to prove this woman wrong. He’s trying to find out, was that baby cloned?”

Rupert Sheldrake says there are Seven Experiments That Could Change the World?and not one of them is cloning.

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