On a recent Dreamland show, Linda Howe reported on the phenomenon that’s come to be known as red rain. Does this rain, which started falling over Southern India 2 years ago, contain extraterrestrial bacteria?

In BBC news, Andrew Thompson reports that researcher Godfrey Louis discovered that there were tiny biological cells present in the rain. Not only that, but they do not seem to contain DNA, so they could be alien life forms. When he discovered this, he said, “This staggering claim is that this is possibly extraterrestrial. That is a big claim I know, but all the experiments are supporting this claim.” This announcement set up an alarm among scientists all over the world. But mainstream scientists are usually totally skeptical about theories of alien life, so why are they taking Louis seriously? It’s because it ties in with a theory that UK scientists Fred Hoyle (now deceased) and Chandra Wickramasinghe have been advocating for 40 years: that life on earth originated on anther planet and traveled here on a comet or meteorite?maybe even from Mars (which would make us all, technically, Martians).

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