Wacky weather caused by global warming continues. Consistent with predictions that this would be a stormy summer, July has set a record for the number of tropical storms spawned in the Atlantic. It was also the second hottest July on record, and a month that saw some of the greatest extremes of drought and flooding ever recorded. The Indian city of Mumbai experienced a massive 37-inch rainfall in July, while the US Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, Spain, Portugal, and parts of France, China and Australia experienced some of the worst drought conditions ever recorded.

The five tropical storms in July set a record for that month and it was the second warmest July on record. Tropical Storm Cindy hit Louisiana on July 5th, the same day that Dennis formed. Dennis hit Pensacola, Florida on July 10th. Other hurricanes that hit in July were Emily, Franklin and Gert, which set the July record by arriving on the 24th of the month. We can look for more wacky weather in August, as the atmosphere heats up, causing more tropical storms.

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