What are termed natural disasters are testing the capacity of governmental humanitarian aid worldwide. 

A 6.8 magnitude quake struck Morocco on Friday.  The most powerful earthquake to hit Morocco in over a century has left more than 2,800 dead as of Tuesday morning.

As shown across news outlets and social media, those lucky enough to survive in remote areas have been “digging through the rubble for family members with their bare hands”. 

As Hurricane season rages on, Storm Daniel hit Central Greece with the most intense rainfall since initial records began in 1930 –Libya is now enduring the remnants of the same storm.

2023’s Hurricane Season promises to pack a punch as Hurricane Lee, makes its way towards the eastern seaboard of the US, barely two weeks after Idalia wreaked havoc in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Additionally, Greece has been hit by “an extreme natural once-in-a-millennium phenomenon,” according to disaster management academic Efthymios Lekkas.

Greek fire services confirm over 3,500 people have evacuated from the central Thessaly region, and 15 are believed dead after three feet of rain fell over the course of just 72 hours.  The resulting flash flooding is likely a result of the dryness of the ground in the region being unable to absorb such a volume of water so quickly; especially after this summer’s heat wave.

Greek emergency services had already been mobilized for a series of wildfires in late August which scorched  230,000 acres of land by early September. Of these fires one, in the northeastern Dadia area, was deemed the largest wildfire ever recorded by the European Forest Fire Information System.

Storm Daniel made landfall in Libya on Sunday. 

Despite preparations by the country including a curfew the night before, the full scope of Storm Daniel’s immense damage is still developing.  Social media has been full of footage of people clamoring to escape, climbing up on to rooftops, houses nearly completely submerged in the regions of Benghazi, Sousse, Al Bayda, Al-Marj and Derna.

East Libyan Prime Minister of the government Ossama Hamad declared Derna a disaster zone.  

By Tuesday, more than 2,000 people had died and rougly 6,000 were missing in Derna, according to Othman Abduljalil, a Libyan health minister. Much of the damage is attributed to two dams collapsing in one region, washing entiure neighbourhoods away.

Storm Daniel is expected to move slowly east towards northern Egypt; where the region is expecting considerably more rain than usual. 

Back in the United States;  on August 30, Category 3 Hurricane Idalia pummeled the Big Bend region of Florida’s Gulf Coast with 125 miles per hour winds. Low-lying coastal cities were subsequently submerged, and over 200,000 Floridians lost power.

With Idalia clean-up still underway, another storm has reached hurricane status in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Lee fluctuated initially over the open ocean, but was expected to become a very dangerous Category 4 by late Sunday or early Monday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.  As of Wednesday the 14th the storm has the northeast of the US in a stronghold, New York is seeing mostly heavy winds and rain thus far, warnings have been broadcast for most of New England, especially Boston and Eastern Maine.   The storm continues to waver between a tropical storm and a hurricane, nevertheless residents are encouraged to take precautions until the storm’s path and strength becomes clear.

Hot on Lee’s tail is Tropical Storm Margot, which reached winds of 85 mph Wednesday morning, making her a Category one Hurricane… As we continue to observe these weather patterns – many of which are infamously forecast in Whitley’s The Coming Global Superstorm written with Art Bell – it is still valuable to make any small changes to live in a way that is more conscious of the Earth’s needs as our ability to be habitants here depends on it.  

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  1. These awful and tragic natural disasters highlight a widespread Human disaster. Namely, the lowering of consciousness of the masses prior to a great turning.

    Here in the UK HM Gvmt is about to ban American XL Bully Dogs. Took just under a decade and several children ripped to pieces for this to happen. What to I think of modern day America? Don’t ask. I have American friends and colleagues and think a great deal of them but the once proud US of A is in its last days.

    Will it fall? No. It’ll grow and become the NA Union. More power, more influence. More darkness. I have come to find American ‘culture’ absolutely revolting. Revolting. The almost complete absence of consciousness in wider American culture is a sign of things to come, methinks.

    I, of course, do not include Native American culture or alternative/New Age culture in my assessment.

    As a European, we are only just behind you, so I’m not kissing our own collective backside. Is change coming? Is it evil? No. It’s just change, and change always burns..

    This darkness will steel us and help us through our difficult journey through denser arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The tough times will prepare us, so stay clear.

    Grin and bear it, and remember.



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