It’s not politics, it’s SCIENCE! – Something to think about: Happy people are supposed to be trusting people, but the OPPOSITE may be true: A new study suggests that, in some instances, people may actually be LESS trusting of others when they are in a pleasant mood.

Researcher Robert Lount says, “A person’s mood may determine how much they rely on subtle, or not so subtle, cues when evaluating whether to trust someone. I think the assumption is that if you make someone happy, they are going to be more likely to trust you. But that only works if they are already predisposed to trust you.”

He found that people in a positive mood were more likely than those in a neutral mood to follow cues or stereotypes when determining whether they should trust someone. For instance, If you are predisposed to trust a stranger, because he belongs to the same club as you, or he has a “trustworthy” face, a happy mood makes you even more likely to trust him. But if you are predisposed to NOT trust him, a positive mood will make you even less trusting than normal. “If you

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