The Chinese are experimenting with clothes that can be made out of fabrics created from recycled chicken feathers but the Japanese are in the forefront when it comes to clothing evolution. First they invented a cloak that makes the wearer invisible. Now they’ve invented a suit that turns the person wearing it into Superman..

The inventors think it will probably be used to help lift hospital patients and heavy objects. It enables the wearer to lift a 180 pound weight using half the strength that would normally be needed to do the job. The suit itself weighs 66 pounds, but in, Tariq Malik quotes inventor Hiroe Tsukui as saying, “When I wear it, I don’t feel that it’s heavy at all. The sensors can tell the muscle power needed to lift an object.”

We may soon see people who do heavy lifting wearing these suits instead of the black midriff belts that most of them wear today?which most physicians feel are useless.

Art credit: Kanagawa Institute of Technology

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