In Gold Hill, Oregon, there’s a house for sale on 22 acres of land for $3.5 million?a lot for a place in this old gold mining town. But this is the Oregon Vortex, one of the most famous haunted sites in the world. The Cooper family has owned it for 40 years and thousands of tourists have come here to decide for themselves whether the mysterious goings-on are real.

The Coopers say the vortex is a place where, for some reason, the usual laws of physics don’t apply, due to unusual magnetic fields. Objects defy gravity: balls roll uphill, people appear to be shorter or taller than they really are, and some people are actually healed. Besides a three-bedroom house, there’s a slanted wooden shack, built in 1890, which gives the people who venture inside it a feeling of motion sickness. Maria D. Cooper says, “It’s a unique piece of land and we don’t really know what makes it all happen. It is strongest when the moon is full.”

The Cooper family bought the property in 1960 from local scientist and mining engineer John Litser, who conducted experiments there and believed that the anomalies are caused by a spherical field of force with 15 crisscrossing magnetic fields.

“You can find scientific survey maps of the United States and the planet that show both magnetic and gravitational anomalies,” says paranormal researcher Michael A. Grizzel. chemical engineering and biotechnology researcher at the University of Maryland, who “That’s not to say they represent anything of real high strangeness, but that possibly leaves the door open for some type of bona fide mystery.”

Sometimes we get a chance to unlock the doors to some deep secrets.

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