Signs of predictedweatherextremes are everywhere: a massive snowstorm crippled Buffalo in October. In November, a heat wave ruined the start of the ski season in the Alps. December started with monster typhoon Durian killing as many as a thousand people in the Philippines, while a brutal blizzard knocked out power for millions in the United States. And now a tornado has struck a residential district in London, injuring six peopleand causing damage to homes. Britain experiences about 30 tornadoes a year, but for one to cause injuries and damage is extremely rare. Warmer than normal autumn temperatures have contributed to violent weather in the UK this year.

The London storm had winds of around 150 mph, which tore the roofs off some homes and toppled trees. CNN quotes one witness as saying, “I could see a huge cloud rolling up the street, making this tremendous sound.”

In the Independent, Terry Kirby quotes Greenpeace official Frank Hewetson as saying, “Some people will say it’s not climate change, but I don’t think we’ve had too many twisters in Kensal Rise.”

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