Since 1998, the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University has been monitoring the outputs of up to 40 random number generators (RNGs) around the world. Each of these RNGs sends 200 bits of randomly generated data every second to a server at the GCP in Princeton. The generators are based on physical devices considered to be fundamentally random.

Amazingly, significant deviations have been noted in the randomness of data from these RNGs around times of major events in the world, including the terrorist attack of September 11.

Roger Nelson, Director of the GCP, and Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences analyzed data from the RNG network on and around September 11 and found striking anomalies. The significant deviation from randomness began several hours before the events in New York and Washington.

This strongly suggests that certain physical processes that we now believe to be random may not be what they seem, and that they may be dependent on other, presently unknown, factors.

It isn?t known whether the effect will hold up under further study. One-time occurrences, no matter how dramatic, are no substitute for careful scientific investigation and experimental replication. However, the Global Consciousness Project believes this apparent deviation in the randomness of physical devices under extraordinary conditions needs to be analyzed further.

The GCP adds that statements about the number of passengers on the hijacked planes on September 11 being exceptionally low (even for a Tuesday after Labor Day, during an economic downturn, etc.) need careful examination. This may be a simple statistical fluke, or it may be that passengers somehow used precognition to instinctively avoid the doomed flights.

If the randomness of fundamental physical processes can be influenced by global events, the implications for both science and society could be very large indeed. If these effects are real, it might be possible to predict some large-scale disasters in advance by careful observation of random devices such as the generators of the GCP.

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