Bird Doo dropping onto an island near the Arctic could be putting radioactive isotopes into the food chain. Researchers think this is the explanation for the high levels of radioactivity they found in plants there. Birds get the radioactive material from fish that become radioactive due to nuclear waste dumping in the ocean. Also, radioactive material from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has now reached the ocean, along with particles from nuclear weapons tests. It’s bad enough that it’s in the fish we eat, but now we know that birds are bringing radioactivity ashore.

Mark Dowdall of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority says radiation in their droppings actually encourages plants to grow, and the plants suck up and concentrate the radioactive material. They are then eaten by land animals, such as reindeer on the Arctic island. “We’re talking about a very vulnerable environment, and when reindeer eat the vegetation, it’s in the food chain,” says Dowdall.

It’s happened before: in 1999, pigeons roosting in buildings on the site of British nuclear fuel reprocessing plant were found to contain 40 times the safe limit of caesium-137. Scott Fowler of the International Atomic Energy Authority says, “I don’t think people have looked at this particular pathway before.”

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