The British Medical Association released a report Tuesdaywarning that without proper defenses the world will beincreasingly susceptible to designer bio-engineered weaponsincluding polio viruses, anthrax, and smallpox. According tothe report, biological weapons targeted toward specificethnic groups might even be the future of biological warfare.

Given the increasing skill with which scientist are able todissect human DNA, it may soon be possible to design weaponswhich destroy genetic variations found only in specificethnic groups.

?If we wait too long it will be virtually impossible todefend ourselves (against biological weapons),? saidVivienne Nathanson, the BMA Head of Science & Ethics.

Professor Malcolm Dando of Bradford University suggests thatthe Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention should beratified by as many governments as possible when it becomesavailable for review in 2006. Countries ratifying the BTWCare forbidden to obtain biological weapons and theirdelivery systems.

However, Frank Fenner, an Australian microbiologist warnsthat governments are not listening to these warnings, andthe US Government has stated that it intends to ignore theBiological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

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