Amazing discoveries continue: High-density and ultracold atomic gases have emerged as promising media for storage of individual photons in computers. The Master of the Key predicted that this would happen. And astronomers have discovered a mysterious whirling mass of gas out in space.

When Whitley Strieber asked the Master of the Key about the design of intelligent computers, he replied: “Gas is an important component to consider in the construction of intelligent machines. Nitrous oxide will bear memory. Also, you may find ways of using superposition in very fast, very able quantum memory chips.” Now this appears to be exactly correct.

Meanwhile, the mystery for astronomers is: Where does the large percentage of missing matter reside in the nearby Universe? Astronomers have announced a robust detection of a vast reservoir of intergalactic gas about 400 million light years from Earth. This discovery is the strongest evidence yet that the “missing matter” in the nearby Universe is located in an enormous web of hot, diffuse gas. This missing matter is composed of particles, such as protons and electrons, that are found on the Earth, as well as in stars, gas and galaxies, thus it may be material that was left over after the formation of galaxies.

With regard to quantum computers that run on gas, Whitley Strieber says, “To me, this is final proof that the Master of the Key was real and really did have extraordinary knowledge. When I transcribed this in 2002, there was absolutely no way that I could even have guessed that such a seemingly outlandish statement could ever be true. Nor would I have invented something that sounded so ridiculously improbable. Indeed, it was only my determination to include absolutely everything I remembered him saying that convinced me to put in what seemed to me to be an absurd statement. That it would be corroborated like this, all these years later, and on the very day that the Key was returned to print, is humbling and very, very awesome to me.”

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