Al-Qaeda has claimed they caused the recent blackout in the Northeast. But Elizabeth Baron who is a psychic, says, “No one will believe this but this is the work of a 15-year-old boy with the mind of a genius with the computer.”

She claims the boy lives in Canada and says, “He has studied so much about electricity and how it works across the country. As this happened, there was a stoppage when two men stopped that chain of reaction. If they had not intercepted, it would have gone all the way over to Oklahoma and all the way down to Florida. But this was not an act of terrorism but the act of a 15-year-old boy who did much of this without touching anything within a plant whatsoever.”

She’s been right before: when Baron was on a talk radio show two days before the capture of D.C.-area snipers John Lee Malvo and John Muhammad, she said the federal authorities were wrong, that there were two snipers, not one, and they were driving a blue car, not a white van.

About the blackout, Baron says, “Much of this was done by a computer?The individual will be traced down and will be found out but it is doubtful that any public information will be given out about this young man because it would start copycat destruction in our country.”

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