Climate change is causing changes in our weather, but that’s nothing compared to what’s happening on the sun. Solar scientists say that the sun’s magnetic field is weakening, and we are going to go into a long period of solar inactivity, but NASA remains worried enough about massive solar flares to begin working on a solar shield that will protect the power grid from dangerous solar explosions. A new NASA project called "Solar Shield" could help keep the lights on. On the NASA website, Tony Phillips quotes NASA researcher Antti Pulkkinen as saying, "Solar Shield is a new and experimental forecasting system for the North American power grid. We believe we can zero in on specific transformers and predict which of them are going to be hit hardest by a space weather event." The next solar maximum is expected around 2013, so it’s only a matter of time. We don’t know what’s going to happen in 2013, but we DO know how to keep track of what’s coming up in 2011: Use our beautiful crop circle calendar! If you subscribe to this website for TWO years, we’ll send you our 2011 calendar FREE along with (while supplies last) one of our 2010 calendars as well–these make GREAT gifts!.

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