World famous hair expert Hans Brunner may soon prove that a Yeti is living on an island in Indonesia. Legends of the Orang Pendek, or Little Man of the Forest, have circulated in that part of the world for centuries. Brunner, of Deakin University in Australia, is analyzing two hairs which were found by British explorers who followed the trail of a primate in Western Sumatra and found unknown hairs and a footprint. So far, no match was found when they were tested against hairs of the orangutan, chimpanzee, gorilla, sun bear, red leaf monkey, pigtail macaque, Malaysian tapir and human.

Brunner says, “So far I have found that the two hairs which I have are different from any species which I have compared them with. If nothing comes which looks like the same I would have to say there could be an animal that we do not yet know about.”

The Orang Pendek is described as being 5 feet tall creature with chocolate-brown and orange hair. A digital image of the footprint found on the expedition has been analyzed by Colin Groves, professor of primatology at the University of Canberra in Australia, who has decided not to make his findings public until Brunner releases a scientific paper on the hair analysis, but says the results will be ?good news.?

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