If you can print your pet, why not print your meat?

It’s hard to know exactly what’s in some of the meat we eat, but if you could print your own, you’d no longer have to wonder. Astronauts will be doing something like this soon.

Breakout Labs has developed a way to print 3D meat. They’ve also engineered tissues to create leather (which might be why that printed steak is so tough).

On CNBC, Abigail Tracy quotes Breakout CEO Lindy Fishburne as saying that her company is trying to "imagine an economic and compassionate solution to the global problem (of meat shortages)." They use animal stem cells to create an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional meat.

Whether it’s vegetables or printed meat, it’s always possible to eat too much of a good (or bad?) thing, but if you’re getting too fat, we have the solution: Anne Strieber’s diet book, which has now been REDUCED (just like you’ll be) to under $3!

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