You can print your own meat, you can print yourself a pet (or even a robot), but if you could print a gun, would mayhem ensue? Would wily computer geeks become the new master criminals?

The guns would be printed on resin and would actually be able to fire bullets. On the American Public Media website, John Moe writes: "Plastic parts, working gun. No serial number, no registration, no waiting period. So how does the law deal with something like that?"

He quotes computer scientist Jonathan Zittrain as saying that, once this catches on, laws will be passed preventing you from printing items in "gun" shapes. But we’re not allowed to print money or passports today, but plenty of criminals do it anyway.

Zittrain says, "You could see legislators going back in and so long as it could withstand the constitutional challenge under the Second Amendment, decide to tighten up the law a little bit to say whatever you’re not allowed to acquire at a store, suppose you’re a convicted felon for a violent crime, and under the law you’re not allowed to go into the store and buy a gun, whatever you can’t do in the store, you’re not allowed to do at home.

"The problem is how do you enforce that kind of thing."

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