Every year, in January, our resident prophet John Hogue tells us what’s going to happen in the coming year–and every June we hold his feet to the fire and examine whether his predictions came true. This January, we’re also going to interview Starfire Tor about whether her 2009 predictions came true in 2010 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

Other people make predictions too, and one of the groups is the University of Alabama. Their predictions: Iran will cut a deal to stop developing nuclear weapons. Political scientist Douglas Gibler says, "As tensions increase and in the shadow of a potential attack, Iran will cut a deal with world powers to stop developing nuclear weapons. I think we’ll come very close to Iran being able to produce a nuclear weapon. Then they’ll back off. There will be some type of payoff agreement under the threat of attack. They will get a lot, possibly some kind of oil processing facilities and payments." Meanwhile, small clashes will continue on the Korean peninsula.

Despite the fact that the tea party Republicans (who are against social security and medicare) were brought to power by elderly voters, these same baby boomers will fight for social security and remain active citizens in retirement. And gas prices will bounce along with the value of the dollar.

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