UPDATE…or maybe it’s the recent swarm of small quakes instead – The geologist who predicted the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 says another California quake is on the way?and SOON.Be thankful that someone new will be running FEMA soon!

The Ventura County Star quotes Jim Berkland as saying, “The first seismic window of the year is only a little less potent than last month’s, which had the strongest tidal forces since 1993.”

The Star quotes meteorologist Kevin Martin as saying, “I’ve noticed that weather patterns affect our fault lines. In fact, during the Northridge Quake of 1994 a large ridge of high pressure was parked in the exact same spot one will be during our next Santa Ana Wind event. The window for that is January 9th to the 14th. This is exactly in Geologist Jim Berkland’s window. So any bets on the table for a larger quake would be during that window.

“I’m not saying to my viewers to run because a Northridge style quake is coming, but I must say the pattern is nearly identical to it, and if weather patterns are any indication of a quake delivery then always be prepared. In light of Mr. Berkland’s window falling in this weather pattern, I have taken the measure to prepare in case a quake hits. You always have to be prepared.”

Since by the time you’ve read this, there will only be a few days left in that “window,” we can only hope that we’re all still here.

UPDATE: There have been a group of small quakes in California recently, so the prediction may be correct, after all.

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