Both Denver Airport and London Heathrow have been closed due to extreme weather conditions, and both US national travel and travel worldwide have been severely affected. United Airlines alone has cancelled 2,000 flights, and manytravelers are not expected to be accomodated in Denver untilnext Wednesday. At Heathrow, dense fog has repeatedly shutdown the airport for extended periods, forcing the cancellation of over three thousand flights so far.

Denver Airport is scheduled to re-open fully on Friday, andtravelers stranded in freezing concourses without power haveresorted to making shelters out of cardboard boxes. Limitedoperations will begin today.

Violent weather has characterized this winter season in theUS, while Europe is experiencing what is likely to berecorded as its warmest winter ever. Unusually warm andhumid conditions are responsible for the fogs that are havebeen closing Heathrow, and have also created conditions thatcould lead to extreme weather violence if a powerful coldfront should move down from the north suddenly. Over thepast few weeks, torrential rains have struck Sweden, washingout major roadways throughout the country.

In the US, the Pacific Northwest has experienced its worstwinter storm in living memory, and many areas are stillwithout power. Winds of 70 miles an hour, with gusts up to122 MPH were recorded in the area last Thursday night andinto Friday morning. A million homes were left withoutpower, and as of today, 180,000 were still in the dark.Millions of trees were uprooted or damaged, and a morenormal winter storm expected to arrive today is likely tocause more damage to already severely stressed trees.

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