UPDATE: There were preliminary reports of a possible hugeexplosion inthe Iranian desert on Thursday, but these have not been followed up in the general media.Click here to read one of the reports.Last week we reported a dramatic UFO incident in South Africa involving an apparent meteor crash with a very unusual sound associated with it. Now another crash has taken place, this time in Iran. Authorities do not believe that the object that crashed was an aircraft.

Iran News reports that the object was glowing brightly as it crashed in the Barez Mountains in central Iran on Wednesday morning. The object was observed to be on fire as it crashed, and was emitting thick smoke. Similar incidents have been reported all over Iran for the past year, and many officials believe that they may be US espionage devices.

As in South Africa, there has been no report of any official effort to find the debris. However, the rash of such reports that we are receiving from around the world suggest that either unusual craft are crashing, or there are incoming meteors that are not part of any known meteoric event.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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