Satellite archaeology researcher Angela Micol has located what could be a very ancient pyramid complex in southern Egypt. The complex could also be the remains of a fortified settlement built in later times, during the Ptolemaic period. From above, though, the structures appear to be far more deeply eroded than would be the case if they were just 2,000 years old. If they are not natural formations, they are probably thousands of years old.

The sites have been verified as undiscovered by Egyptologist and pyramid expert Dr. Nabil Swelim. Nabil’s discoveries include the pyramid called Sinki at Abydos and the Dry Moat surrounding the Step pyramid Complex at Saqqara. Nabil has stated the smaller 100 foot “mounds”, at one of the proposed complex sites, are a similar size as the 13th Dynasty Egyptian pyramids, if a square base can be discovered.

Angela has stated, “The images speak for themselves. It’s very obvious what the sites may contain but field research is needed to verify they are, in fact, pyramids and evidence should be gathered to determine their origins. It is my hunch there is much more to these sites and with the use of Infrared imagery, we can see the extent of the proposed complexes in greater detail.” This is just one site of many Angela has identified that may contain ancient ruins.

Some imagery from the site suggests that the objects have already been cut into, but there is no record of any official archaeology taking place there.

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