Learn the latest about the drones on this week’s Dreamland! As the mystery of the drones reaches the0,3893957.story?page=1&track=ntothtml,frontpage of the Los Angeles Times, a sharp-eyedUnknowncountry.com reader has found a possible explanationfor the technology that keeps the craft aloft. This comesfrom a Popular Mechanicsarticle from1964 about an ion propulsion device that was then underdevelopment by famed engineerMajorAlexander P. de Seversky.

According to the Popular Mechanics article, the craft “flieson pure electricity.” The article further states that “ituses tall metal spikes that are installed above an openwire-mesh grid.”This is close to a description of the tall “antennae” thatare characteristic of drones.

The article further states that “high negative voltage isshot from the spikes toward the positively charged wiregrid, just like negative and positive poles on an ordinarybattery. As the negative charge leaves the spike arms, itpeppers the surrounding air like buckshot…” This would notonly cause a downward flow of ionized particles, the airwould be perceived by observers inside the flow as havingthe very sort of ‘charged’ feel that witnesses who have beendirectly beneath the drones describe.

It would also explain why the objects are sometimes seen andphotographed hanging over power lines: there would be a richsource of ionized particles in the immediate vicinity ofthese lines.

But what of the strange markings? They could becamouflage–an attempt by the operators of these aircraft topreserve secrecy by creating the impression that they arealien ships. This would be why the markings appear to be avaguely familiar mix of Klingon characters from Star Trekand various Asian alphabets.

The mysterious ‘Isaac’ material would presumably also bepart of the effort to disguise a human technology as analien one.

If this technology was under development in 1964, it mighthave come a very long way since then, and the fact that sucha useful system remains secret is another example of thewaste inherent in the whole concept of classification. Ifthis technology was available to the public, it could wellbe the basis for a much-need revolution in air transport,instead of what it probably is now, which would most likelybe a platform for secret surveillance craft.

However, the witnesses who have actually seen drones reportthat they make no sound, or very little sound, that they candisappear very suddenly, and some report a “doubling” effectwhen they move, when an image of the object is left behindas it moves from one place to another.

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Image courtesy PopularMechanics Magazine.

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