A recent National Geographic poll says that the public believes that Obama would be more effective at dealing with an alien invasion than Romney. Whitley Strieber says, "They are all entirely unprepared. Any President would have to play catch-up, and be prepared for some big surprises."

Meanwhile, a new team of pioneering investigators is pushing the limits to find the truth behind unexplained UFO sightings, using modern technology for data collection and analysis. The team is made up of one believer, one skeptic and one independent thinker. They have examined the documentation on the Roswell UFO crash, met with an alien abduction survivor and tracked glowing orbs near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show and this special interview).

Complex equipment is being used to gather site data for analytic research. Engineer Scott Langbein says, " It was a lot of fun to see the Topcon IS-3 used in a unique way. Who would have thought an IS-3 would be used to investigate UFOs?"

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