We’ve learned that we can’t always count on politicians to do the right thing. The recent election shake-up makes us ask the question: “What makes a person go into the rough-and-tumble world of politics, anyway?” The answer could be: DNA.

A research group made up of both political scientists and geneticists is trying to prove that political genes exist, by studying twins and brain scans. with extensive studies of twins, genes and brain scans. In LiveScience.com, Anna Jo Bratton quotes political scientist John Alford as saying, “The idea goes back more than 2,000 years. In 350 BC, Aristotle wrote, ‘Man is by nature a political animal.'”

The group is studying the work of geneticist Lindon Eaves, who questioned about 8,000 sets of fraternal and identical twins about controversial topics that are causing arguments among politicians right now, such as abortion and the death penalty. Identical twins, who are genetically the same, gave the same answers more often than fraternal twins. He sees this as evidence that social attitudes can be inherited.

That would mean that we are BORN to be either a right-wing Republican, a left-wing Democrat?or a moderate.

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