The Taipai Times reports that crop circles have appeared annually for three years in the tiny village of Wylatowo in Poland. This year, there have been 4 circles, one of them a huge “lotus flower” design. Teacher Anna Kalinowska says, “I’ll be really disappointed when it turns out some farmers are doing it for a prank, but it really is a kind of art form, a ‘happening,’ a performance on a large scale.”

“I have absolutely nothing to do with it!” says farmer Tadeusz Zarywski, who owns the farm where the circles appeared. “I never wanted to be a public person, but now all of Poland knows me because of the circles.”

His sister-in-law Irena says, “At first, [farmers] were irate someone was mucking about on their property and ruining their crops. Now people think, what if they really are made by these higher, different beings from outer space?”

The first circles appeared three years ago on the farm of Tadeusz Filipczak, who says, “It’s impossible [to make them]. Last year, we even gave it a go with ropes and boards like they do in the West, but it turned out hopeless.”

Kristin Lukowski writes in the Daily Press & Argus about circles that are cropping up in Michigan as well. When farmer Pat Esper discover a 4-foot crop circle in his wheat field, he assumed it was a prank and mowed right over it. But then he saw another circle 100 feet away that measured 50 feet across, so he mowed around that one. In both circles, the wheat was pressed to the ground in a counter-clockwise direction. “It’s just like you see on TV,” Esper says.

The wheat is dry, so anyone walking through the field would leave a trail behind, but although the field has tire tracks from trucks and farm equipment, there are no footpaths in the wheat or footprints in the dirt. “This is kind of advanced for some kids to be doing it,” Esper says. “Whoever did it took some time to get the wheat to be all laid out.”

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