We know thepoles areshifting right now (as they do at regular intervals)?now weknow why.

It turns out that fluid in the center of the earth issloshing around, causing the poles to magnetically shift. InLiveScience.com, Jeremy Hsu writes, “The last major changein the field took place some 780,000 years ago during amagnetic reversal, although such reversals seem to occurmore often on average. A flip in the north and south polestypically involves a weakening in the magnetic field,followed by a period of rapid recovery and reorganization ofopposite polarity.”

Hsu quotes geophysicist Mioara Mandea as saying, “Forsatellites, [the pole shift] could be a problem. If thereare magnetic storms and high-energy particles coming fromthe sun, the satellites could be affected and theirconnections could be lost.” It?s a good thing that solarstorms aremysteriouslyquiet right now.

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

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