The news show 60 Minutes recently aired a report on vast oil fields that have been discovered in Canadian shale. We recently posted a story about huge oil reserves in Venezuela.Now it turns out the largest oil reserve in the world may be right here in the United States. Some scientists say that oil is not even a fossil fuel, but is being created continuously. Do we have an oil shortage in the world?or don’t we?

Matt Badiali writes in the Oil Report that a thousand feet beneath the Rocky Mountains in Colorado lies an oil field which holds eight times as much oil as Saudi Arabia. It holds 18 times the oil in Iraq, 21 times the oil in Kuwait, 22 times the oil in Iran and 500 times the oil in Yemen. At the very least, no longer having to worry about purchasing Middle Eastern oil could be a major factor in a more peaceful future.


You didn’t read this in the regular media, did you? You only read it HERE, where we report on things our own media likes to keep secret. It’s enough to make you believe in sinister forces!

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