Michael Flannery writes in abcnews.com that 10-year-old Ryan Reynolds of Cincinnati, who recently died from a brain tumor, could see his guardian angels?and his mom took photos of them.

“We had first thought that it was something to do with the developing,” says Ryan?s mother Shirley. So she was careful to use three different cameras and three different kinds of film, and have the photos developed at three different places. Despite this, they all have transparent white shapes in them.

The ghostly images look like scattered spots, a fish-like shape, and one large white globe, in a photo taken on a hay ride. “When he saw [the globe], he said, ‘Mom, this is why I felt so good to go on the hay ride,'” his mother says. “He said, ‘Because right there is my guardian angel. ? I knew she’d be there. That’s my angel, Mommy. She talks to me all the time.’

“He never met my parents ? my parents died way before he was ever born. He said, ‘Mommy, your mommy and daddy, ? is that them in the picture on the wall?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ And he said, ? ‘Mom, I just wanted you to know, they’re both OK. ? They’re just as pretty as they are in that picture, except they have wings, and they’re waiting for me.'”

Photographer Angie Shafer took her camera to a picnic with Ryan and snapped some angel pictures herself. She says, “?I’ve never seen that before in a photo?Unbelievable. I believe it though. I believe there was a presence there watching over him. He seemed like such a great kid, the little time I was there and spent with him.”

To see the angel photos, click here then click on camera icon.

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