Before his death, the Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal claimed his Fatah Revolutionary Council was responsible for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland that killed 270 people. Abu Nidal was killed on August 15 in Iraq, after he refused a demand by Saddam Hussein to help train al-Qaeda agents. Atef Abu Bakr, Nidal’s closest aide from 1985 until 1989, says, “Abu Nidal said during an inner-circle meeting of the leadership of the revolutionary council: ‘I have very important and serious things to say. The reports that attribute Lockerbie to others are lies. We are behind it. If any one of you lets this out, I will kill him even if he is in his wife’s arms.'”

On the evening of December 21st, 1988, Pan Am flight 103 exploded and pieces of the plane fell onto the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 people on the ground. For 14 years, various terrorist groups have been accused of masterminding the explosion, but all of them have denied responsibility. The U.S. has accused Libya of being behind the terrorist act, and Abu Nidal set up headquarters there in 1987.

Iraq says Abu Nidal committed suicide by putting a pistol in his mouth, in order to avoid arrest on charges of illegally entering Iraq, but the Fatah Revolutionary Council says he was assassinated. Taher Jaleel al-Haboush, head of the Iraqi intelligence service, produced pictures of the bloodied and dying man and said coded messages found at his house showed he had been on the payroll of a foreign country, but he wouldn?t name the country. President George Bush says, “I found it interesting that they say he committed suicide with four bullet wounds?so I?m not exactly sure how he died. We just have to wait and make sure, in fact, that he did die.”

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